Been a WHILE….sorry!

Wow…so much has happened I don’t even know where to begin.  I guess…first things first.

My daughter was at my house on June 10th.  I suspected she was high, but of course she denied it.  Her pupils were very small and she was sluggish….which is always her giveaway.   She asked me for $5.00 to get some gas so she could get home.   I gave it to her.  I know….that’s breaking one of the commandments, but it was ONLY $5.00……dummy me!

She left my house at around 4 pm.  I got a phone call around 5:30 that she had been in a car accident.  The guy on the other end identified himself as a utility worker that had come upon the wreck and she had asked him to call me..

She had rolled her jeep twice and ended up in a creek upside down.  SHE said she was avoiding an animal that was crossing the road.  There was an off duty cop following her that said she swerved off the road (nodded off) and over corrected and went all the way across the road to the other side……over corrected there……then started the rolling.  She had NO seatbelt on……and all she got was two broken ribs.

I went to the hospital.  When I got there….they wouldn’t allow me in where she was….which I thought was strange.  I now know….WHY!!!   There was a police officer there….and they were questioning her.  Of course she was lying…..and telling them she was dodging an animal.  The cop just looked at me and said….if she weren’t injured, she would be on her way to jail.   They got her for a DUI and possiesion of drug parenphernalia.  She has to go to court August 13th….and I’m hoping they send her to a 90 day rehab.   SOMETHING has to happen or she will never change.

She ended up HERE…..that night…..although she didn’t want to be here….she had no place else to go.   Her boyfriend had brought all her things and put them in my car, once he found out what had happened and that drugs were involved.   She stayed here one night and ended up at her ex boyfriends who has her son (hope I’m not losing any of you….it’s complicated).  She talked and talked about how she was gonna go to the Methadone clinic and she wanted to be with her little boy and she wanted her family back…..and blah blah blah bullshit!!!!!!!!!   She did attempt to take care of her son…..and show the world she was capable of doing it.  That lasted for a week and a half and she went BACK to the boyfriend that put her clothes in my car and she left her son and her ex boyfriend.  Ok…..pretty sure you are lost by this point!!!  lol

The next day…….her son walked around yelling for his mommy……..and I was PISSED to no end at what she had done to him.  It’s one thing to mess with the ex and make him believe her……it’s ANOTHER to mess with my grandson…..who didn’t even ask to be born.

I have not heard from her in a week.

I found a lump in my breast that they say looks “suspicious”.  I went for a MRI on it….but something happened and they couldn’t finish it so I have to go back on the 22nd of July.  She hasn’t even called to check on me.  And she knew I was going for the MRI.

She is just wrapped up in herself…….and to HELL with everyone else!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok….done ranting now…..feel better!!!

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