The calm….I’ll take it!!!

FINALLY things are calm in my crazy world.  Whew….a breather.  What a BLESSING!  My daughter is off drugs….hopefully for good.  She is taking Suboxone right now….and it is working very well.  She still doesn’t have her children….but they are fine where they are. 

The last time I wrote anything…it was almost time for the court date to determine what would happen to her kids.  Her daughter is still with the family that has had her for almost a year.  She is just blossoming…..very smart little girl.  Doing and saying something different every day!

Her son is with his father and doing very well too.   He just had a birthday on Sunday.  He was a year old….and just took his first steps last week.  He’s such a doll baby….a big CHUNK!!!  Last I heard he weighs 34 pounds…loves to eat….lolol.  That’s my BOY!! 

I’m not sure how long this will last.  But in this family…I take every SECOND of piece and tranquility!!!  God knows I don’t get many….

Just wanted to touch base with all of you and let you know what was goin on in my life.

Thanks……and lots of hugs to you.

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