Scary shit….

My daughter was hospitalized on Saturday.   She was VERY sick.   She was having horrible pain in the left middle section of her stomach.   They put her in the hospital to run some tests on her and for observation.   The pain killer they were giving her wasn’t even touching the pain.   Why…some of you may ask?   Because her tolerance to pain meds is so high due to her drug abuse.  I’ve never seen anyone in that much pain in my life.  It broke my heart that I couldn’t do anything to help her.   An Infectious Disease Specialist came in yesterday and told us she had E-coli in her kidneys.   And had she waited even a few hours longer to come to the hospital……her kidneys would have shut down.  They gave her some high powered anti-biotics and when I spoke with her this morning….she was feeling better.  She said she was very sore….but the pain had eased off tremendously.   I thank God for being with her…..and healing her.   I found out by doing some research on my computer that E-coli can be fatal……if it isn’t treated.

I have my granddaughter today……YAAAAAY!!!   She is so precious……she’s talking now.  She was very happy to see me this morning.  Held out her little arms and said MAMAW!!!

Til next time…..hugs to you all!!!

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